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YouTube April fools Joke Proof

I found it guys full proof by Youtube From Page Source

This IS the url for the doodle try it out 

<meta name=”keywords" content=”youtube, aprilfool, awards, bestvideo">

<script>if (window.ytcsi) {ytcsi.tick(“bf”);}</script> <script>var ytplayer = ytplayer || {};ytplayer.config = {“html5”: false, “url_v9as2”: “http:\/\/\/yts\/swfbin\/cps-vflKXaLWk.swf”, “min_version”: “8.0.0”, “url”: “http:\/\/\/yts\/swfbin\/watch_as3-vflB3Uygd.swf”, “params”: {“allowscriptaccess”: “always”, “bgcolor”: “#000000”, “allowfullscreen”: “true”}, “url_v8”: “http:\/\/\/yts\/swfbin\/cps-vflKXaLWk.swf”, “attrs”: {“id”: “movie_player”}, “args”: {"sendtmp": "1", "keywords": "youtube,aprilfool,awards,bestvideo”, “fresca_module”: “http:\/\/\/yts\/swfbin\/fresca-vfl-Tcy4f.swf”, “baseUrl”: “http:\/\/\/pagead\/viewthroughconversion\/962985656\/”, “enablejsapi”: 1, “auth_timeout”: 21600000, “subscribed”: “1”, “hlsvp”: 

aced it guys


and some thing really obvious 

it is in the category of comedy 

Thank you i think i made my point simply.

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